Complete Slots History

The first Slots history fact about the slot machines says they were designed by Sittman and Pitt in 1891. The initial symbols were cards and the payoffs have been according to poker combinations. The machines contained 5 reels with 50 images on them. The original slot machines didn’t pay off coins, instead prizes were goods from the bar where the machine was. The player put into a coin and pulled the lever arm. As A Rule, a Ten of Spades and the Jack of Hearts had been taken out from the deck and therefore the player odds lessened.

The Liberty Bell, the most popular in the Slots history machine as we all know it today was designed in 1899. These machines had 3 wheels and comprised 5 numbers diamonds and hearts, spadesand horse shoes and Liberty Bell. The machine enabled Fey to make the automatic payoff system. Three bells in one payline won a pot of 10 coins. 

Soon after, another period of the Slots history started when the Bell Fruit company designed the slots with images of fruits which stood for the gums with fruit flavours. The extra image the BAR was the logo of Bell Fruit company. 

The electro-mechanical slots were designed by Bally Manufacturing in 1964 and was named the Money Honey. The game now was with higher pots and multiple coins. Then, the slot machines were supplied with sounds and lights.

Slot Machine Games became highly spread once in the 1970’s the Dollar Machine was introduced and the game was provided by most of the gambling places.

The video poker machine another most popular machine in the Slots history, was designed in 1980. The gamblers now could not see the barrels spinning and at first they could not believe this game. But, soon the slots game became very popular and nowadays is featured in all the ground and online casinos

Since the 1990s slots started accepting checks, so the players had more hours playing.

Another interesting fact about the Slots history is that Bally Gaming made multiple slots in 1992.

Afterward the bonus option was designed and the gamers had a chance to receive extra rolls and win the jackpot.

Now, there are cashless slots games with tickets with money on them and the touch screen slot machine games with easy help options.

In modern casinos the slots are very spread providing more additional options and bonuses. With the invention of the online version more players got access to the game, casino help and received the opportunity to win big.

The slot machines is becoming more and more spread day after day winning the attention of many players starting a new age in the Slots history. As today gambling is not legal in all the countries and areas, familiarize with the local gaming laws and Internet gambling bill.